Safety & Certifications

Making People a Priority

As a leading North American logistics provider, our commitment to safety extends itself across the whole supply chain network. It influences every load we move, every pallet we touch and every mile we drive.

We believe strongly in our responsibility to ensure that everyone goes home safe at night. Employees, customers and the general public alike. We go the extra distance.

Achieving Safety Excellence

Our operations’ teams, from 3PL to trucking, are fully schooled on both Canadian and US HOS regulations. Our equipment is maintained beyond legal premises and is furnished with the technology needed to govern speed and monitor our driving performance “real-time”. Our carrier partners are rigorously scrutinized and evaluated quarterly to warrant safety and compliance across our network.

We move thousands of loads a month and strive to do more than just our part to ensure a safer and more positive driving environment. Granted, perfection is not always guaranteed but it is our goal. We strive for zero accidents and zero injuries every time we buckle up.

Our Certifications

The logistics industry is always on the move. So how do we keep up? By making the first move. With continuous education and training, Fuel stays one step ahead of the competition by voluntarily adhering to the following certifications and programs:

ACE: Automated Commercial Environment

This program offers members a simplified process for submitting data and direct communication with U.S customs and Partner Government Agencies. Fuel’s adherence to ACE allows for reduced delays and congestion at border points.

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ACQ: Association du Camionnage du Québec

As the largest group of road transport companies in Québec, ACQ works with companies to promote the ethical standards of safety and efficiency within the trucking industry. Fuel works with ACQ to ensure the continuous improvement of education and training for all jobs related to the trucking industry.

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C-TPAT: The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Fuel works in partnership with the government to ensure secure cross-border trade. In order to become C-TPAT certified, Fuel completes three steps: conducting and documenting a security risk assessment, submitting an application and completing a supply chain security profile.

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The Canada Border Services Agency is a federal institution that ensures the safety and security of people and goods flowing to and from Canada. Fuel works with the CBSA to manage the free flow of legitimate trade.

Customs Self Assessment Program (CSA)

Designed for low-risk, pre-approved importers, carriers and registered drivers, the CSA is a program under the Canada Border Services Agency that helps to simplify many import border requirements for safer, quicker and more efficient processing.

FAST: Free And Secure Trade

This commercial clearance program is designed to ensure safety and security while expediting legitimate cross border trade. Major benefits for FAST members include reduced delivery times, faster and more efficient border clearance (where available) as well as increased certainty at the border.

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PIP: Partners in Protection

Through their partnership with the Canada Border Services Agency, PIP members contribute in enhancing supply chain security and the facilitation of legitimate trade. With access to CBSA security assessments, awareness sessions and expertise, Fuel is recognized as a low-risk Trusted Trader at the border.

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The Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program is a public-private collaboration between the Canadian and U.S. freight transportation industry helping freight shippers, carriers, and logistics companies, such as Fuel, improve operations and fuel-efficiency to reduce their carbon footprint.

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