Employee Stories: February 9, 2023
Better Together: Meet Liam, Logistics Support Agent
By: motto

You don’t have to play lacrosse to do well in logistics, but it helps.

Liam has been a Logistics Support Agent at Fuel for the last three months. He makes sure that trucks are travelling on time, helps address any obstacles, and tracks them along their journey. His background playing teamsports is part of why he loves this job.

“Growing up I played a lot of sports, and there’s a good team vibe here. Everybody leans on each other, so that we can all do our job successfully.”

In logistics these teams are called cells, comprising a set number of people dedicated to a set number of projects or clients. Together they ensure everything runs smoothly from departure to delivery. For Liam, the pressure can be palpable, but that’s what the team is for. 

“It’s definitely a high stakes environment, especially when loads are running behind, but you’re able to delegate responsibilities so that nobody’s too overworked or too stressed.”

Beyond the day-to-day excitement of his role, Liam and his teammates are also managing the growth of their team, as they take on more projects and manage greater volumes.

“When we first started, our cell was just forming, and now it’s picking up. More loads, more volume, more shipments to book. I’m excited to see our cell getting busier and fully coming together.”

Liam got his start in logistics working in a warehouse, sorting and shelving inventory. But he was looking for a different challenge, which is what made him apply for the role at Fuel. And it’s the team that’s made him stay.

“The relationships I’ve made so far have been great. As soon as I got here, everybody welcomed me with open arms, and that’s all you can ask for in a company.”

With all of this high-stakes performance and sage wisdom about a positive work environment, it’s hard to believe that Liam only graduated school six months ago. But it’s a little easier to believe if you ask him about the biggest challenge he’s tackling this year.

“Moving out of my parents’ house.”

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