Inside Fuel: November 8, 2017
Hand in Hand
By: Fuel Transport

The supply chain seems like a series of physical links—production line, distribution centre, truck, fulfilment centre—but really, it’s a series of actions. Production creates the goods, then distribution coordinates their supply. Trucks drive the goods to the fulfilment centre, and the fulfilment centre dispatches them out along the final mile. The supply chain is strongest when every link is in motion.

Too often, we talk about “the warehouse,” when we should be talking about “warehousing”—as a verb, because logistics is active, and when warehousing is working smoothly, so is logistics. Warehousing isn’t just having a place available to put goods. It’s also the process of storing and retrieving goods efficiently, easily, and responsively—all aligned with a proper costing structure.

Fuel is primarily an asset-based 3PL company, and as we expand we’re making sure that we can increase our warehousing abilities along with our transportation capacities. At the moment we have 500,000 square feet of total space available for warehousing in a variety of different styles and locations, crowned with the newly built 95,000 square-foot property adjacent our head office. That facility is minutes away from downtown, while our newly acquired warehousing space on Chemin St-François is literally at the foot of Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport.

The square-footage is just the beginning, however. Our aim is to put that space into motion, easing the process of goods in, out, and around the facility. Owning the space ourselves means that we can customize it easily and quickly with racking and pick-and-pack capabilities to meet our clients’ precise needs.

Meeting needs means speeding up every process to make sure your goods are securely stored or back on the road as fast as we can get them there. Our Chemin St-François facility boasts seven dock doors, guaranteeing a door will always be open, and each of our spaces is positioned for optimum ease of access to the airport, downtown, and the Port of Montreal.

Everyone needs warehousing—it is an integral part for a thriving supply chain. Any business that relies on supply chains prospers when it’s warehousing well, and falters if it warehouses inefficiently. Extra inventory makes everybody uneasy, but the reality business is that sometimes products have to sit still.

“Companies have peaks and valleys in their distribution schedules,” says Fuel founder Rob Piccioni. “We can help offset some of that with our warehousing services in both the long term and the short term. Warehousing complements transportation in the supply-chain networks across North America. The two work hand in hand.”

With that in mind, we’re extending our hand to those seeking efficient and reliable warehousing services. Let’s shake on it, and get down to doing business.