Employee Stories: May 31, 2024
Lúcia’s joie-de-vivre: Meet Lúcia, Strategist
By: Agatha Starti

Every company needs a Lúcia. She’s a strategist who understands brand and marketing and her previous life in the agency world gave her a lot of experience with warp-speed timelines, so she fit right in here at Fuel.

“When I came to Fuel, I thought, okay, I know absolutely nothing about logistics. Then I realized that what I do is already about logistics. Find the problem, find the solution. Strategy is logistical work; delivering communication, understanding, and awareness.”

Communications is a crucial piece of the puzzle for our business (and any business). Lúcia’s driving force is to accurately capture who we are and what we do and communicate it to the world. “Operations are the heroes, and I’m supporting them on the communication path to make us a known brand.”

Lúcia’s rare strategic mind has impacted a lot of departments outside of her own. “I get a lot of opportunities here. I’m working with Sales, HR, and Continuous Improvement. I craft process. I craft ideas. I craft the essence of our brand, our culture, what we do, and make some magical things happen.”

She’s driven to solve challenges and make progress, but Lúcia brings something else to the table that we value just as much – her energy. “I’m an immigrant, so passion drove me here to Canada. I love being active and am always on. I never take a chill pill. What are we doing next? Let’s go!”

Lucia is enthusiastic about life and it’s contagious. “I love to go dancing, I love big parties at friends’ houses, I love bike rides and hiking and having a beer on top of a mountain. The only spot you’ll see me not really doing much is on the beach, taking a pause.”

On a personal level, we appreciate Lúcia’s joie de vivre. But it helps professionally too. You can have the smartest strategy in business but if you don’t have the energy to push it through and implement it, you don’t really have anything at all. 

Lúcia is essential to all of our departments as much as she is on the dance floor. She’s so much more than we could ask for in a strategist, wearing all the hats and bringing all the hustle.