Employee Stories: February 23, 2023
Scaling the Mountain: Meet Eoin, VP of Innovations, Research & Development
By: motto

Eoin had no logistics experience before arriving at Fuel. But he had other experience that piqued our interest.

Eoin comes from a long tenure at a Montreal-based financial tech startup that built all of its own hardware, software, and communications systems. The firm grew to be a leader in the fintech space, with a team of 1,800 people by the time he left. 

“I’m looking to leverage those learnings in logistics. Logistics touches everyone, and it’s only going to get more important.”

Eoin knows a lot about how to use tech to drive the growth of a company, and that’s why we’ve put him at the helm of our Innovations and Research & Development department.

“Our goal is to bring technology, software development, AI, and machine learning to empower Fuel’s employees; to make their work life better, enable their decisions, and make us a better partner for our customers.”

As much as Eoin’s role requires a deep understanding of technology, it also requires a deep understanding of people. 

“Fuel met with all of the business units and said, ‘What are your struggles? How can we optimize your processes? What does an amazing end-state look like?’ So my first few months were spent reviewing these interviews. Now I’m building roadmaps with the senior team, and once those are solidified, I’ll be meeting with folks often, ensuring that everything in the process is meeting their demands.”

Building systems that could improve or even revolutionize supply chain practices is no small task. But this isn’t the first time Eoin has led a team on an ambitious journey. 

“Seeing that top of the mountain is like, wow. If we built this, all of our employees would be happy and we would be able to double our revenue – and that gets me going. But it’s the actual climbing of the mountain, those iterative wins & losses, I get very inspired by.”

When you’re building a team and working towards a big, hairy, ambitious goal, Eoin knows that the destination isn’t the only reward.

“I like seeing a software developer grow. I really hope to enable creativity in our developers and let them experiment. People coming to the table every day, excited, bringing ideas to push us up that mountain – that’s really rewarding for me.” 

As he prepares for his next big climb, Eoin is excited more than anything.

“The last few years have been very successful for Fuel, and that growth isn’t going to stop. Logistics affects the entire world, and technology is growing quickly. We have an incredible, exciting challenge ahead of us.”

The goal is huge, the challenge is complex, and the pressure is on. So how does our new leader of innovations keep a calm, cool head through it all?

“I run.”

Considering your next career move? Eoin’s looking to add a Senior Cloud Architect and Senior Software Developer to his team.