Volet Fuel: 6 août 2019
5 Reasons to Start A Career in Logistics
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Considering a career in logistics? Whether you’re starting out or thinking of making a leap to logistics, find out from people in the industry what attracts and keeps them on the job.

1. You thrive in a fast-paced environment

Logistics is 24/7. A hybrid model, asset and non-asset-based company like Fuel is responsible for booking and transporting thousands of loads of product (everything from coffee to airplane engines) across North America every week. “I love the fast-paced environment, communicating with multiple parties, getting everyone on the same page,” says Logistics Coordinator Brandon Spakowski. When you talk to anyone in logistics, there’s a common theme: it’s never boring. “It’s really fluid; we have to be able to adapt,” says National Account Manager Gina Sapienza, “every day is something new.”

2. You like solving puzzles and problems

The ultimate goal of an excellent logistics transportation company is to “create synergies, minimize empty miles and grow and optimize the network,” says Fuel CEO Rob Piccioni. This means looking at multiple fast-moving lanes and loads and uncovering unseen possibilities to create efficiencies. Added to finding order in complexity are daily obstacles, such as weather delays, drivers stuck at the border, and maintenance and infrastructure issues. According to Account Manager Domenic Tosi, the operations department is on the front line, “we’re focused on rapid problem solving—you have to thrive on the curveballs.”

3. You love learning new things

“At Fuel, it’s a constant learning process, says POD Billing Supervisor Karine El-Zayed, “everybody has the opportunity to grow.” HR Project Manager Carine Haddad, agrees, “what’s cool about Fuel is the challenges never stop—there’s always creative ideas, and you have to keep learning to stay on your toes.” That learning is fully supported by comprehensive training and support programs. “When you first start here, we support you, we understand mistakes happen, we help you on how to recover, move on and not dwell on it,” says Spakowski.

4. You want a clear plan to grow your career

“I’ve been moving up fairly quickly, since I got here,” says Logistic Account Specialist, Sean Hvrinak, who has been with Fuel for three years, adding, “anyone in customer service [Logistics Coordinator], striving to be a Hybrid Logistics Coordinator can do that. Anyone can be a team lead [Logistics Account Specialist]. There’s a logical ladder.” Spakowski, who is training for the Hybrid role agrees: “Now, getting into six months, I’m building my trajectory; I’m moving along to help sell to carriers.” And this growth isn’t limited to entry-level team members. Sapienza, who has been in the logistics industry for four years, chose to move to Fuel at the end of 2018 because of its focus on building up its employees, “I was stuck for a little while [at my old company]; I saw a lot of opportunity for growth here.”

5. You like collaborating and working with a team

“It’s like I never left my sport,” says Hrivnak, a former hockey player, “we work as a team; if someone’s behind, we fill in for each other.” Logistics Account Specialist Jess Lanni agrees, “We compete together.

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