Volet Fuel: 30 août 2017
Humanity doesn’t have borders
Par : motto

What’s happening in Houston right now—at this minute—is a living nightmare. Watching it, the people who work at Fuel Transport aren’t representatives of a company, we’re human beings. We think of our children, our husbands and wives, our parents, our homes, and our pets as we imagine the horror of what it must be like to have everything you love threatened or destroyed by the wrath of nature.

Maybe there are some companies out there where people look at an event like Harvey and think about how to make a profit on it. We’d rather not know them. We see the disaster and want to use the resources at our disposal to make some kind of a difference.

With that in mind, we’re sending three trucks full of water bottles to Houston—that’s over 120,000 bottles. Houston is a city of more than two million people, so we know that even doing what we can doesn’t make a much of a dent in the suffering.

The truth is, no one organization can fix this alone: this is a problem for all of us. Every business should look inside itself and ask what it can give to help those enduring the disaster.

In that spirit, we’d like to make this a gentle challenge to our clients and competitors: what can you offer the people of Houston? We’ve offered what we can, and if you can offer more than us, we won’t be disappointed—we’ll be comforted. Against scenes of such massive distress, the more we can gather together in caring, the better off we all are as human beings.

Houston isn’t that far away: until now, there was never a body of water between them and us. The border between our countries is artificial: humanity doesn’t have borders. Please, join us in making sure the aid we all send south will be as big as we can make it.

For those who’d like to make an individual donation, Click here to donate to the Salvation Army.