To create and to use a profile on Fuel’s Recruitment Portal (“Account”), you need to read and agree to the terms and conditions listed below (the “Terms”) by selecting “Consent“.

In the event that these Terms are not agreed upon, you can select “do not consent” button. In this case, you will not be able to create an Account. You will only be able to submit your application for registration once these Terms have been agreed to.  TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO THE CREATION AND USAGE OF AN ACCOUNT AND OF USER PERSONAL INFORMATION AND DATA  This website, the Account and the information and documents submitted by users (including personal information and  data) through the use of this website are managed and controlled by Fuel Transport Inc. (“Fuel”). You can reach Fuel at

The user agrees that all personal information, data, applications, attachments created by him/her through his/her use of this website (collectively the “Information”) may be used by Fuel for recruitment purposes only. Such Information might include user’s name, address, resume, cover letter, answers to questions related to the Account creation and any other information provided within the documents submitted by a user while using this website. All Information provided by user will be treated as confidential.  It is specifically agreed that Fuel might share user’s Information with affiliates and subsidiaries of Fuel (for Mexico: some of which are located outside of North America or the European Union Area) for digital processing and recruitment purposes only. More specifically, such Information might be shared with and is reserved for use by the recruitment team and the IT team responsible for the management of the database and network at Fuel, its affiliates and its subsidiaries. Only authorized persons within such teams will be able to access the Information, strictly for internal purposes. Handling of Information by Fuel, its affiliates and its subsidiaries will be performed in a secured internal digital environment.  Fuel, its affiliates and its subsidiaries possess digital tools that are intended to manage job applications in an explorative manner or for the job openings that have to be filed.  User has the right through the use of the Account or by contacting to access, to modify, to complete and to delete his/her Information. User also has the right, for legitimate reasons, to oppose the processing of his/her personal information.  The user agrees to the storage of its Information within Fuel’s system located in Canada and/or in the United States. User’s Information is retained by Fuel throughout the duration of the user’s Account usage and could also be retained for future reference purposes.  Any personal information provided by a user is on a voluntary basis, but failure to answer questions asked throughout the Account creation and job application process may prevent the completion of user’s Account.

The user agrees that he/she is of required age in his/her country and have the legal standing to enter into this agreement.

I agree to these Terms and provide consent (i) for the use of my personal information and data collected through my use of this website and Account under these Terms, (ii) for the processing, use and potential transfer of such personal information and data by Fuel, its affiliates and its subsidiaries, and (iii) to receive emails from Fuel, its affiliates and its subsidiaries with respect to the Account and job openings.