Art of the Warehouse

Artfully Stacked like a Museum

Our warehouses are secure, clean, and strategically situated in North America. We operate a combined 1,000,000 sq.ft of warehousing capacity, and by fully managing every square foot we’re able to offer flexibility. Each warehouse can accommodate a custom layout and structure, no matter how unconventional your specifications may be. Among our many fulfilment services, we provide:

  • Long- or short-term storage
  • Drop shipment programs
  • Kitting and repacking
  • Pick-and-pack
  • Cross-dock
  • Reverse logistics
  • Climate-Controlled
  • Food-grade certified facilities

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We have a dedicated team of technical analysts that works with you to bridge our WMS technologies with yours. We develop whatever tools are necessary to forge long-standing partnerships.

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When you connect to Fuel, you’re connecting to a single, highly-flexible warehouse management system that maintains the highest standard of continuous operations. We’re both an asset- and non-asset based 3PL, which means working with us opens the door to a sweeping North American network with unified WMS solutions.

Our WMS is scalable and adaptable to your supply chain. Our software reduces inefficiencies, increases order accuracy, and improves inventory management, all while remaining simple to use and integrate into your TMS. Requirements and situations change. Our WMS is powered by our in-house WMS Technologist.

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Safety and Security

Our warehouses are newly built and undergo regular maintenance to remain first-in-class. As a measure of our commitment to securing your inventory, we offer C-TPAT Certified facilities featuring regularly inspected high-security fencing. Employees undergo rigorous background checks and crucial training, while physical access controls monitor all inbound and outbound shipments. Finally, beyond the 24/7 surveillance of your physical goods, cutting-edge IT security ensures that the valuable data you entrust to us remains safe.

Keeping your inventory secure doesn’t simply mean monitoring external threats. We’re also committed to the highest cleanliness and food-safety standards inside the warehouse. Dust, debris, clutter—and any other factors that could potentially compromise the quality of your goods or our services—are swiftly identified and eliminated.

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Diversity of Assets

We own our own assets. We’re leveraging synergies with partners all over North America to get trucks to your loading docks even faster. Handling domestic, intra-USA and cross-border freight, our assets maximize the number of direct service points to your business.

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