Owner Operators

Define success on your own terms and achieve it through us. Fuel’s operational excellence allows us to offer you a wide variety of load planning solutions to optimally run your trucks. We minimize empty miles, create efficient and attractive trips and allow you to maximize your mileage potential while respecting HOS and safety regulations. We offer competitive pay, privileged fueling prices and take pride in providing the best and most stable work environment for our owner operators.

What We Offer

  • A safety-first attitude
  • Maximum legal mileage
  • A positive work environment
  • Competitive pay structure with advantageous insurance options

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Drivers Class 1

With consistent lanes and a wide network of services, our most important cargo is our drivers. It’s our goal to provide our drivers with the best in the industry, ensuring safety is at the top of the list. Drive safely and the opportunity for a lucrative career is accessible to you. This is the cornerstone message to our drivers. Fuel strives to offer the best opportunities for drivers, ranging from an abundance of available miles, attractive compensation and “as new” equipment maintenance standards, to prioritizing safety and supporting quality of life. We do this with an industry-leading pay structure, endless options of loads for our trucks, latest model Freightliner and Volvo trucks, E-logs for a stress-free cab environment, and the respect and understanding that a driver needs to get home to their family after a long week on the road. We have the miles, equipment and tools to keep you rolling and safe. And we have the culture to respect you. Welcome to Fuel.

What We Offer

  • Respect
  • Competitive pay structure
  • Comprehensive health and benefits package
  • Access to sophisticated equipment and training
  • Availability to constant routes
  • Smart software and technology reinforcing efficiency and safety

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Unlike most conventional logistics providers, our greatest strength is our ability to understand the fundamental driving force of our industry. We are a carrier. We own assets, we buy our own equipment and we hire our own drivers. We understand what it takes to purchase, maintain and run equipment safely. We understand hours of service, driver problems, waiting times and most importantly, we understand maximizing revenue and minimizing empty miles. Through respect and active communication, we have developed strong relationships with our partner carriers by bringing value-added efficiencies to their network and ensuring timely payment options. Reputed for providing strategic solutions to our members, whenever and however they need it. We understand trucking. We don’t just use it. Let us welcome you to the Fuel network and let us work for you.

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What We Offer

  • Commitment to complimenting the strategic optimization of your equipment
  • Access to round-trip synergies for efficient planning options
  • Accessibility to Fuel’s vast network of backhaul and head haul movements
  • Favourable payment options
  • 24-hour accessibility to our Operations team


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