Prioritizing Adaptability

Our growing fleet of food-grade tankers prioritizes flexibility, safety, and efficiency. When you have a complex challenge, we listen, reflect, and adapt in order to find the right solution that works with your network.

We’re transporting food- and kosher-grade liquids all over Canada and the US, with loads containing everything from distilled beverage alcohol to molasses to glycerin. By developing a robust supply chain network all across North America, we’ve gone beyond simply providing the right assets and drivers —we also provide you with the right strategy, one that combines both our networks.

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Certified and Safe

The raw products you’re shipping are on a journey that ends in the homes of millions of North American families. Addressing growing food safety concerns, our Food-Grade Tanker division goes above and beyond government regulations. With C-TPAT certified yards and warehouses, Fuel guarantees secure storage for all your food-grade liquids.

But it’s not just about storage—on the road matters, too. We hire our own drivers and meticulously train each one in current safety and sanitation procedures. All drivers handling food-grade cargo and equipment are trained by our safety manager in live, hands-on seminars. Fuel’s Food-Grade Tanker division is fully dedicated to a secure, sanitary supply chain.

Throughout Canada and the US, we rely on a network of certified food-grade wash bays that help us uphold the most stringent sanitation guidelines, while our reliance on strict monitoring protocols provides both quality assurance and peace of mind. Our tanks, hoses, valves, and pumps receive the highest quality washes in the industry.

Equipped with 24/7 tracking with the latest satellite technology, our bulk transportation offering allows you to monitor every mile. Backed by our team of problem-solvers, and in the hands of our dedicated drivers.

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All our tankers are temperature-controlled, adhere to 3A sanitary standards, and feature lightweight designs for maximum payloads.

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Road to Sustainability

Each one of our bulk tankers securely transports 6,200 to 8,200USG in a single trip, and we don’t cut corners. Fuel’s commitment to remaining efficient without sacrificing high quality and safety standards is behind the many ongoing relationships we’re forging with food and pharma industries of all sizes across North America.

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