Diversity of Assets

Power Only

Our equipment is maintained beyond legal premises and is furnished with the technology needed to govern speed and monitor our driving performance “real-time”. Our Operations teams, from 3PL to trucking, are fully schooled on both Canadian and US HOS regulations.

Dry Van

Highly customizable, our dry van freight services handle short hauls, long hauls and high-value cargo. Our entire fleet is equipped with the latest satellite tracking technology.


Our dedicated fleet of refrigerated trailers is equipped with tracking technology to monitor your product’s temperature and its trip – every mile along the way.



Our sanitary tankers meet 3A Sanitary Standards and industry best practices. They’re temperature-controlled and properly insulated, maintaining the highest possible product integrity throughout even the longest hauls. We track and monitor every load to ensure pickup and delivery are prompt and fully up to code.

Tesla Semis

To be truly invested in our industry’s future generation, we need to reconcile higher freight demands with emission-reducing commitments. We added four Semis to our ever-growing fleet. This sets a forward-thinking precedent for other logistics businesses in North America.

Read how Fuel invests in Electric


We own our own specialized equipment. We’re leveraging synergies with partners all over North America to get oversized equipment to your loading docks more efficiently. Handling domestic, intra-USA and cross-border freight, our oversized assets maximize the number of direct service points to your business.



Our climate-controlled, food-grade certified spaces maintain the highest standards of sanitation and security.

  • Long- or short-term storage
  • Drop shipment programs
  • Kitting and repacking
  • Pick-and-pack
  • Reverse logistics
  • Cross dock
  • Food bulk storage