Crystallizing Synergies

Fuel’s specialized transportation division services a variety of specific oversized movements to industries including aerospace, forestry, mining, wind, engineering, and construction.

We have the capacity to be flexible and adaptable to our clients’ demands and instantly provide creative strategies. The ability to access various channels through our network means we can respond to expedited services. Certifications, high cargo policy and an in-depth understanding of the intricate transportation requirements and regulations across borders and state lines make it so that we are able to provide a multitude of new possibilities and allows us to crystallize those specialized synergies.

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Flexibility Meets Oversized

We have at our resources the equipment necessary to carry the heaviest loads, and we’re always looking to reinvest in equipment so that we can stay flexible for our clients’ needs and provide options. With every shipment, we ensure that we’re deploying the right equipment for each particular demand – double drops, low-boys, flatbeds – guaranteeing it meets the requirements.

We are committed to transporting your oversized shipments efficiently, and the dedicated lanes across North America that make up our network allow us to do so. The volume of oversized shipments we move allows us to be diverse in our coverage and gives us the ability to provide our clients with multiple options, access to more markets, quicker turnaround times and capacity.

Oversized Equipment:

  • Drop Decks
  • Step Decks
  • Low-boys
  • Double Drop
  • Curtain Side
  • Rolltide
  • Flatbed
  • Heavy Haul
  • Bulk Tankers

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Diversity of Assets

We own our own assets. We’re leveraging synergies with partners all over North America to get trucks to your loading docks even faster. Handling domestic, intra-USA and cross-border freight, our assets maximize the number of direct service points to your business.

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Bulk Transportation

Our sanitary tankers meet 3A Sanitary Standards and industry best practices. They’re temperature-controlled and properly insulated, maintaining the highest possible product integrity throughout even the longest hauls. We track and monitor every load to ensure pickup and delivery are prompt and fully up to code.

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