Investing in the Future

Technology is a cornerstone to Fuel’s commitment to excellence.

Our research division is constantly looking to the future to find new and innovative ways to represent our diverse approach to transportation solutions that are performance based with environmental consideration.

Advanced load assignment algorithms, automated operational workflows, satellite and cellular tracking and complete EDI capability are just some of the technology that allow Fuel to provide our business partners with the most efficient methods for moving their freight.

Identifying business needs, developing and improving tools such as web portals, customized apps, exception reporting and analytics to provide real time accurate information allows us to be a proactive company rather than a reactive company.

Technologies such as use of robotics in warehouses, platooning, autonomous vehicles and drones, as well as leveraging IoT for the transportation industry, are all indicators of the direction of our company.

We are heavily invested in Telecom technology, allowing our staff to be available anytime, anywhere.