Employee Stories: February 19, 2021
Elevating Mental Health
from Pillar to Priority
By: motto

When there are shifts in the supply chain and things get out of sync, Fuel excels. 


As the pandemic hit, we were ready to perform under the pressure of the unknown. From makeshift offices to virtual meetings, we continued to deliver, and our people were a major factor in how we accomplished that.  


The length and scope of the impact of the pandemic on our lives is something most of us have never experienced as the additional burdens of social distancing, curfews and quarantines were added to our daily routine. Mental health and wellness have become a concern all around the world and at Fuel, it was made a priority.


Despite a robust Employee Assistance Program already in place, as the months of isolation, stay-at-home orders, and safety concerns wore on, it became clear that our employees’ resilience was being deeply challenged. True to our values and with our employees’ well-being top of mind, an internal campaign dedicated to health and wellness was launched across the organization.


“When we think about all the people who count on us in our everyday lives, coworkers, kids, parents, and so on, we might think that taking care of ourselves is selfish and takes time away from them,” said Giovanna Buscemi, VP of People & Culture. “The truth is if we take the time to care for our physical and mental well-being, not only are we doing something good for ourselves, but we are ensuring we can show up for the important people in our lives in the best way possible.” 


Health and wellness are a mainstay upon which our relationships are built. Our regular discussions outlined the needs and challenges our employees faced, facilitating our understanding of how we can best support them. With safety and governmental regulations put in place affecting both our work and home lives, this new reality inspired us to be more creative in helping employees find some balance.


We used Zoom to find our Zen with virtual yoga and meditation lunch sessions for a much-needed moment of relaxation and reflection. 


“It was such a good experience to get a healthy break in the middle of the day,” said Anna Remos, Senior Talent Acquisition, Chicago Branch. “The yoga class was refreshing and a reset during the workday. I appreciate the time and opportunity to participate in company events that benefit my health and wellness.”


Once we learned to train our minds, we activated our palettes at a virtual pasta-making class and bonded over nachos during our virtual Super Bowl Party.


“It was so much fun,” said Shannon Wight, Rates Team, Montreal. “Working from home over the last few months can make you a little stir crazy – it’s like the movie Groundhog Day. It was so nice to see the friendly faces of colleagues that we haven’t seen in almost a year and share a lot of laughs.” 


The last year has been a challenging one, and things will continue to be fluid. Fuel is proud to provide the resources and support employees will need to inspire physical activity, healthy habits, and some family fun, to effectively navigate the turbulent waters of the next few months and well beyond.


The initiatives we put in place today are a commitment to tomorrow.