Inside Fuel: July 25, 2022
Employee Health & Wellness Spotlight: The Benefits of Stopping to Breathe
By: motto

Over the last couple of years people have been reevaluating their relationship to their jobs, to the office, to the “typical” workday, and what they need from their employer to feel truly valued and empowered. Employees want to work for a company that is investing in them. Beyond some fun activities between work hours, they want benefits that contribute to their health and happiness, and enable them to grow not just professionally but personally and holistically.

Balance vs integration

There is more discussion around work-life balance than ever, and how it means something different for everyone. But many discussions highlight the need for work-life integration more than work-life balance. Work-life integration is the idea that work time and personal time shouldn’t actually be treated as distinctly separate parts of our daily routine, and instead we must acknowledge that work and “life” overlap in all kinds of ways. The goal is to create a workplace that naturally accommodates and integrates the many moving parts of our lives.

Putting the life in office life

As the landscape of the working environment continues to evolve, we want to create an office environment where employees can focus on their to-do list and their health and their personal growth. 

Earlier this year, we launched a company-wide health and wellness program, an initiative focused on providing our employees tools, resources and opportunities to prioritize their mental and physical well-being. With that, we’re adding to everyday office life with on-site yoga and mindfulness sessions, as well as educational sessions. Our teams can take some time to prioritize themselves, as they focus on their breath, reduce stress, or enjoy a mindful workout. This is one of many ways to bring more life to the office. We want our employees to know we’re invested in their well-being from head to toe; that their experience here is about more than their work performance.

Health & wellness is good for business too

We love seeing our people at their best and healthiest. Providing opportunities to catch one’s breath (literally and figuratively) in the office increases your team’s energy, confidence and focus. Healthier employees can also mean fewer sick days, and improved morale. If you’re an employer wanting to make a more meaningful investment into your team, or you’re looking to work for a company that’s making those meaningful investments, consider the power of a sun salutation between meetings.