Employee Stories: December 21, 2021
Fueling Growth:
Meet Our New CFO
By: motto

You can’t grow in a silo. We recently hired Johanne Gauthier to lead our finance team and prepare Fuel for its next stage of growth. She’s not your average CFO, which is why we’re excited to have her. Learn more about what she’s bringing to the table.

What makes you excited about this job?

Fuel is in a critical position right now. It’s ready for exponential growth, but it needs to be set up for it, and that’s what I’m good at. Setting the team, the tone, the focus. I’m results-oriented, so I like an objective and a timeline. The goal is growth and we’re working towards it. 

What makes Fuel different from other employers?

How do you say collegiale in English? It’s an open environment where you can bring your opinion. No office politics. The hierarchy is flat. Everyone’s welcome to talk and express themselves. It’s comfortable, but also exciting and dynamic. It’s been a lot of fun so far.

How do you hope you contribute to Fuel’s culture?

I’m very collaborative and inclusive, and I’m set on increasing communication with other departments. I want to encourage transparency, honesty, and working together. More communication. Picking up the phone. Having that human touch involved as much as possible, and building on a culture where everyone has each other’s back.

Goals for 2022?

Have the team ready for next steps. Have everyone excited about what they do. Position people with their strength in the right place, and get the team in tune for growth.

What’s the ideal state of mind for growth?

Focus. To prepare a company for growth you have to be able to envision two steps ahead. Implement a scalable system, be ready to acquire, integrate and evolve skill sets. But you also can’t be intimidated. You have to have fun, and just jump in.