Employee Stories: July 29, 2022
Logistics is a Marathon
By: motto

Alex Golovanov is one of many runners here at Fuel. It’s not unusual to see our employees grab their shoes and head out for a run during the day. It makes us happy to see our people investing in their health, and it reminds us that running and logistics actually have a lot in common. 

A mind to cross the finish line

Working in this industry requires an impressive amount of mental energy. The very definition of logistics is the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies. So it’s not a job that allows you to shut your brain off. At any given moment an issue may arise, a change in plans may need to happen, or you’re just given a really complicated goal that needs to be achieved for a client, and there’s seemingly no way to achieve it. Logistics is a career for people who like to engage in critical thinking under pressure. And the more a person exercises their brain that way, the better they get at it.

A role that keeps you on your toes

Logistics isn’t exactly a desk job. Our teams are solving challenges that require collaboration with multiple parties, managing large amounts of goods, and employing any number of assets from any number of locations. We’re creative problem solvers and improvisers, and finding solutions sometimes means we have to get on our feet and move to solve a challenge or accomplish a goal. We encourage our teams to stay active because this job stays active. Logistics is a lively business and a little physical stamina keeps us agile and ready for anything.

A place where you can give it your all

We’re living in an era when a lot of people are reevaluating what their professional life looks like, and whether their career is a rewarding one. And the parallels we can draw between running and logistics are a great example of how this industry is able to fortify every part of you, from head to toe. Working in logistics doesn’t only require mental and physical stamina, it allows you to build on it. A career in logistics makes you sharper, and more resilient. It makes you stronger as a thinker and a doer. People in today’s workforce want to feel passionate and engaged in their role. They don’t want to phone it in. And in logistics, you can’t.

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