Employee Stories: January 23, 2018
Meet Accountant Pina Rotili
By: motto

As an Accountant at Fuel Transport, Pina Rotili spends her time managing financial records and cash flow data for the company. But one day last fall, Rotili found herself at the Forum de Montreal with some of her coworkers trying to concoct an egg-protection device-something to insulate an egg in such a way that when dropped from a height, it wouldn’t crack.

The challenge was part of Fuel’s own version of the Amazing Race, held as a fun way for the whole team to celebrate recent 10-year anniversaries of staff. Rotili was one of those marking a decade with the company, a significant career milestone in transportation and logistics. “It was a great bonding experience because we were with people who we may see regularly and say hello to, but you wouldn’t usually work together,” says Rotili.

Rotili, a certified CGA/CPA, is part of the accounting team. They manage the constant stream of crucial data and financial numbers that determine so much of what happens from one month to the next at the rapidly growing Fuel. “It’s fast-paced here and I love that,” she says. The Fuel leadership team is constantly looking for new opportunities to grow the business, but it can’t be done without good, timely reporting from the accounting team. “So we are always trying to get those reports out as soon as possible so they know what we can budget for the next month.”

When Rotili was first interviewed at Fuel, she didn’t know much about the transportation industry-rather she as a single mother with a young baby to think of and was in need of a good job. Her previous employer had announced out-of-the-blue that the company was closing, and she’d heard Fuel might be looking. She quickly realized during the interview process with founder Rob Piccioni and his second-in-command, director, Nadia Damiani, that Fuel seemed like somewhere she wanted to be, a place she’d feel good about going to work every day. “I liked Rob’s vision. They were very smart people, very dynamic and they knew what they were talking about,” she says.

It’s that dynamism that has kept Rotili excited about her role at the company for 10 years. At Fuel, she says, it’s not about doing things the way they have always been done, the focus is always on doing things in the best way possible. “They are constantly looking for new, more efficient, smart, technically innovative ideas to incorporate within all departments,” she says. “We are encouraged to think, not to just mechanically perform tasks,” she says. “Even if nobody is buying it right away, they are willing to hear ideas and if you can test them and prove they work, they tell you to go for it.”

Rotili says it’s the way senior management act every day, getting the work done, that continues to impress her. “Rob and Nadia have never been afraid to get their hands dirty. They’ll assist anyone when they are called,” she says. For Rotili it’s this leadership by example that drives home what it means to be part of the Fuel team.