Employee Stories: December 16, 2022
Strength Under Pressure: Meet Harneet, Logistics Account Specialist
By: motto

Of the almost 250 unique perspectives at Fuel, one common sentiment is: “I love a challenge.” And our Logistics Account Specialist, Harneet couldn’t agree more.

A career in logistics seemed almost predestined for Harneet, as her father worked in supply chain management, which eventually inspired her to get her diploma in it. Now with a few years of industry experience under her belt, Harneet knows exactly why logistics is such a rewarding career.

“I need challenges. Every day there are issues we need to tackle. Dealing with them, learning new things, and seeing everything work out is just beautiful.”

Like many of our logistics account specialists, Harneet works with a small team dedicated to a series of accounts, and when these spontaneous problems arise, they all support each other to find a solution. 

“There are two other people supporting you. And if you feel like you can’t do something, a team lead will come and help you. You can do anything with that kind of support.”

With all of these day-to-day issues challenging her mind, and team members giving her the support she needs, Harneet feels empowered to embrace the high levels of pressure in her role. She also believes that the pressure itself makes her stronger.

“When you deal with pressure every day, eventually you become so strong internally that you’re better able to manage stress in other parts of your life. So that’s cool.”

But of course, even those of us who thrive in high-pressure environments still need time to destress and decompress. So what does Harneet do when she wants to find some Zen after a week’s worth of problem-solving?

“Go shopping.”

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