Employee Stories: July 9, 2024
Potential for greatness: Meet Ainslie, Director of Continuous Improvement
By: Fuel Transport

Not many companies have a continuous improvement department and Ainslie will tell you this role can be misunderstood. 

“People mistake it as project management, but it’s really continuous improvement. Could be behavioural, could be processes or procedures. I am grateful to lead a dedicated team comprising a corporate trainer, a Continuous Improvement specialist, a coordinator, and an intern, who together handle projects, spearhead continuous improvement initiatives, and provide training for our divisions in Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago.

Ainslie isn’t just looking for ways to increase efficiencies or boost morale. His purpose here at Fuel is to look at every aspect of the company and identify potential – potential to be better, potential to do more, potential to grow.

“I always see opportunities for improvements. When we have those whiteboard sessions, and I see people that have been working at Fuel for the last 15 years still have those pink glasses, believing we can make it better – I love the energy people bring on a day-to-day.”

Ainslie’s a living embodiment of the continuous improvement role he fulfills professionally every day. You’d be hard-pressed to find an aspect of his abilities he hasn’t already explored. 

“I have my webcasting business and a few shows I produce. I also produce other people who have the dream but don’t have the money, equipment, or studio. And I still play hockey. I’m a general manager for Haiti’s national ball hockey team. I don’t know if you heard, but we won gold in the 2015 World Championship.”

Ainslie has tapped into more talents than his coworkers may even realize. 

“I was very active in mixed martial arts back in the day. I was part of the first French-English hip-hop group in Canada. And I did trash metal for a couple of years. That’s something people don’t know.”

Having spent decades exploring his potential in all areas, what is Ainslie most excited for now? Watching his sons figure out what they’re capable of. 

“My son was on Survivor last year. He’s like a 2.0 version of me, a better version. Both my sons make me very proud. The younger one is a hockey player and the oldest is a web host with his own business.”

Ainslie not only sees potential in himself but in everyone around him, which is why he’s such a powerful presence here at Fuel. He’s been a fighter, a multi-genre musician, a web host, influencer, and world-champion hockey player. If Ainslie has a vision of taking Fuel to the next level, we know he’s going to realize it.