Employee Stories: February 9, 2021
Putting People First
By: Fuel Transport

Fuel cultivates a culture of skill and fit over social circumstance. Our people-first values have driven us forward and the multitude of individual backgrounds and experiences were and continue to be our foundation.

The Right Fit

“As a Black woman, I’ve experienced so much throughout my life [because of] the colour of my skin,” explained Shantell Riley-Reid, Logistics Support Agent, Operations. “Coming here, I never felt lesser than. They were looking for the right person—they just want the right human being to work within their company and make it grow.

We do things based on the premise that our people are our strength. Their unique experiences are drivers behind our success. The differences we all bring to the table are valued and embraced. 

“You look at these women in VP and SVP roles, and you’re like, yeah, women can make it in the transportation industry,” explained Sandra Ng Fo Yan, Legal Counsel. To that point, two of Fuel’s top executives are women.

Moving Forward

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. 

Opportunities are there for whoever wants to grab them. We think, operate, and push boundaries so that we can always deliver on our promise of finding a better way. To do that, we invest in our people, processes, and technology. 

Yes, people first. “It feels good that a company is allowing you to grow as they’ve promised. I  have that worth, that work ethic,” said Warren Graham, Logistics Support Agent, Operations.

Understanding that company growth is intricately woven with personal growth, we provide resources for our employees to develop in parallel – resources like our continuing education or volunteer programs. 

“Leadership here has been so encouraging, trying to help me go further than I even envisioned for myself,” added Dwight Elliott, Systems/Network Administrator, IT. “So, I really appreciate all the effort. I get to just be me and push myself.” 

Culture Designed in a Boardroom: Myth 

“Culture exists, right? It’s not something that a marketing team can create. Culture is going to come from how we do things,” said Greig Thomson, Director, Compliance. Culture cannot be designed in a boardroom, then shared with employees in a PowerPoint presentation. This type of culture must be lived and cultivated every day. “Culture comes from the top,” added Thomson, and the top is fully invested in its employees. 

“There was always this quest for excellence; the quest to do more, the quest to add more value to society and also bring out the best that I think I have within me,” explained Obaro Agbanagba, Lead, Business Intelligence. 

Our success has been guided by a philosophy that we want the best people working at Fuel – the best fit – no matter the colour of their skin, sex, age, or religion. That philosophy has only strengthened over the years as we continue to grow.