Integrated Solutions

Options. That is why we infused intermodal services as part of our network – it allows us to identify even more possibilities and provide smarter, more efficient options for our clients.

As a dedicated partner, we understand the realities of our clients and how market instabilities can potentially influence their supply chain. Sustainability is a key factor in elevating a business and by extension, our network, which is why we sought out to find new options for our clients that would keep their product moving and benefit their bottom line.

Injecting intermodal into our offering further elevates Fuel’s One Network philosophy, allowing us to continue providing efficient and creative services, with the added benefit of increased security and sustainability – and a decreased carbon footprint.


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Alternate Synergies

Access to key entry points across well-situated North American ports, including Long Beach, Miami, Prince Rupert, Halifax, and the Port of Montreal, means that we can support our clients in cutting down on their transportation time on overseas deliveries from both Europe and Asia, with the benefit of also reducing their carbon footprint.

Moving freight via rail allows you to manage your goods with maximum security, while simultaneously improving your bottom line. Integrated directly with our OTR services to deliver the final mile, our intermodal services allow us to provide you with options that fit your supply chain.

Our intermodal services offer a 360-degree approach to transportation, safety and sustainability:

  • Transcontinental and Regional Rail
  • Overseas Shipping
  • Railside Access
  • Dry and Temperature-Controlled Containers (20 ft – 40 ft high cubes available)
  • Drop-Trailer Service
  • Fuel-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Initiatives
  • Advanced Technology and Tracking Capabilities


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