Employee Stories: June 26, 2024
The value of a new perspective: Meet Obaro, Director of Business Intelligence
By: Fuel Transport

Some people are always looking for a better way to do things and that’s Obaro. As our director of business intelligence, his job is to assess every corner of our operations and identify ways to work more efficiently, using data to carve out a smarter path. 

“I started more as a functional analyst and then we grew into business intelligence. We started having a lot of data flow coming in from different sources and needed to expand and use the data effectively.” 

The capabilities of AI and data-driven intelligence are already exciting but this industry in particular has an added energy to it, according to Obaro. “Every day there is a challenge in logistics. Sometimes you have to react, redesign, go back to the drawing board. We design solutions in a really dynamic environment. It keeps you on your toes.”

In addition to solving the short-term challenges of a highly dynamic industry, Obaro is also excited about our data and AI capabilities to evolve how the world operates, for the better. “We want to be proactive, look for opportunities, and drive innovation. This data influences the action to solve real-world problems.”

If there’s one change Obaro is hoping to see as data and AI continue to impact logistics – it’s visibility. There’s a lot to be gained when we work closely with our clients and partners, broadening our collective perspective through shared insights. “I think data-sharing would create more efficiency, enhance customer experience, and influence technology. An efficient supply chain needs that data exchange and interconnection.”

At Fuel, Obaro is always expanding his perspective with new information and his personal life is no different. He reads all manner of books to build his character, and lately he’s been brushing up on one of the most valuable topics of all: parenting. As a young father and leader of intelligence here at Fuel, Obaro is in a constant state of learning and we’re all better for it. 

“Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. I want to understand.”