A Message from our CEO:: February 25, 2022
We live in a beautiful world
worth fighting for.
By: Robert Piccioni

Putin’s atrocious actions against the peaceful and surrendering state of Ukraine is a stain on world history. His actions must be met with a response and I do not believe that sanctions are enough. We, the people of the world, must stand up to this tyranny. As this deranged dictator randomly decides to re-occupy an independent sovereign state – don’t think for one second that this is far removed from our own homes. Why could the same not happen here? I truly urge our governments to use all necessary force to stop this movement that does not belong in our world today.

My tears flow for the people of Ukraine. They flow for the people of Russia as they will bear the wounds from the shrapnel of economic and political isolation. My tears flow for the soldiers on both sides, Ukrainian and Russian, who probably don’t even know what they’re fighting for.

Fuel cannot do much but raise our fists. We will march and speak as loud as we can. We will donate and provide refuge, jobs, and support for as many Ukrainian families as we can. We live in a beautiful world that is worth fighting for. Putin’s world is not worth living in, therefore we must do whatever we can to keep it from existing.

We all need to stand up and support every initiative against Putin’s actions. It’s time to take sides and make them hear and feel our anger. Especially North Americans of Russian descent.

We open our arms to Ukrainians seeking refuge in Canada and the US. Fuel is committed to supporting this temporary setback for Ukraine. Putin must be stopped.

Robert Piccioni
Chief Executive Officer
Fuel Transport