Employee Stories: July 6, 2023
Fuel’s Get Movin’ Fitness Challenge: A Journey of Transformation
By: motto

We recently closed out our second annual Get Movin’ Challenge at Fuel – a fitness initiative designed to encourage the employees across our North American offices to embrace an active lifestyle by challenging them to walk, run or bike a combined total of miles over the course of 30 days. And for one of the challenge’s returning participants, Nick, one of our Hybrid Logistics Account Specialists, this also marked a pretty significant anniversary. 

Step One: Just Start

“There were some events that I was going through last year and I was looking for something to help me kind of move on from that,” says Nick. “So, when I saw the Get Movin’ Challenge [it was] a great opportunity for me to say, ‘Hey, you know what? Instead of not doing anything, why don’t I participate?’” 

What began as a simple month-long challenge quickly turned into a series of positive changes. Nick took to biking, and little by little, mile by mile, began to recognize the benefits of daily movement, from improved mental well-being to a new sense of camaraderie amongst employees. As a self-proclaimed introvert, the challenge acted as a catalyst for social connections thanks to the competitive and team-oriented nature of the challenge. The meditative aspect of physical activity provided him with moments of tranquility, but it was the physical transformation that further bolstered his motivation to keep moving forward.

Step Two: Keep Going 

At the start of the challenge, Nick wasn’t in a good place physically. 

“I wasn’t in a good place. I didn’t feel comfortable. But then as time went by with the challenge, and I finished it, I figured I might as well continue and keep moving.”

And that’s what he did. 

30 days became a year, and a few pounds down have now become an impressive 92 pounds – a transformation that Nick says has transcended every aspect of his life. He has two young kids who love that he’s more active, and has even inspired his family to join in on the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle as a result. His overall quality of life has improved, and so has his outlook. 

“I chose to push myself and put my mind and body together to achieve my goals. I’ve realized there are no limits unless you create them.”  

Step Three: Embrace the Results

This mindset has trickled into his work life, where he finds himself to be more outgoing, more involved with his team, and performing at a higher level. 

“Work itself is just a lot easier overall now than it was last year. I’m still in the same position – it’s just confidence.”

Confidence, and the desire to meet challenges head-on. Nick recognizes the parallel between grinding it out at the gym and grinding it out at work – especially in an industry like logistics where obstacles abound on a daily basis. 

“You need mental stamina. You need to be able to think quickly. You need to challenge yourself at all times to find a different way there. There always is.”

Nick’s commitment to his health and wellness are a journey he plans to be on for the long-haul. And as for participating in the next edition of the challenge that started this all: 

“I’ll definitely participate again.”