Employee Stories: May 30, 2017
It Takes Two: Meet our Directors of Operations, Twin Brothers, Anthony and Peter Perrella
By: motto

As directors of operations, twins Anthony and Peter Perrella are the quarterbacks of the Fuel team.

The culture at Fuel Transport is undeniably shaped by founder and CEO Rob Piccioni. The company has been built around his vision for an improved, more efficient logistics system with better solutions for both clients and carriers.

If Rob Piccioni is the coach, Anthony and Peter Perrella are the quarterbacks on the field, calling the plays, executing, and leading by impeccable example as company veterans and mentors. Identical twin brothers, who have been with Fuel for more than 10 years (the last six as directors of operation), the Perrellas are responsible for the day-to-day operations and flow of Fuel—the way employees work and how they treat clients, suppliers and each other.

The Perrellas’ attitude and approach is manifested every day by a team of operators occupying two rings of desks at Fuel’s Montreal head office, moving loads across North America, non-stop, 24/7. The brothers position themselves at the core of this information flow, ensuring they have their eyes and ears on all communication—ready to field questions and respond in real-time to their team.

One of them can be talking with someone about a load in, say, Florida, and suddenly turn and ask “What did you say?” to another employee considering a trucking proposal in Vancouver.

The Perrellas not only ensure that loads are picked up and dropped off on time and clients are happy, but that the Fuel team is focused on looking for newer, better options for those clients. “We thrive on bringing change to the industry,” says Peter. “We want to be the guys that come in and bring solutions to whatever logistics challenge you might have.”

To be sure, Fuel is a work-hard, play-hard setting with lots of laughs through the day, regular social outings after work and golf games most weekends in the summer. But the expectations are high and pressures intense, so those employees who thrive in that setting share a certain kind of loyalty, dedication, and, according to Piccioni, a commitment to Fuel’s larger goal of transforming transportation.

The Perrellas’ commitment and support for each other and their team have made them models for success at Fuel, explains Piccioni. “They became leaders just by being themselves and by setting a high bar for the values we want to demonstrate every day, in every interaction with every person.”